Who is Journey with Equus? Many ask this question, and it's a great question. Our foundational model is different. Yes we are a rescue in the sense that we fundraise to rescue horses in at risk situations. Where we are different is we partner with approved partner rescues. These partner rescues take in, rehab, train, and place majority of these deserving horses into forever homes. We do not adopt horses out at this time.The wonderful horses that make up our herd make up a slightly different demographic. Some have physical limitations and are not available for adoption and will live out a safe, loving life with us. Some have been so severely abused by humans that it would not be safe to put them up for adoption, they too will spend their lives with us, safe and being loved. Then the remainder of the sweet souls that make up our herd are under evaluation to become equine coaching partners and help transform lives. Our vision is to continue to build our coaching platform, in partnership with other non profits that represent at risk demographics such that we can create specific programs for their needs - from at risk youth, addiction, abuse, sex trafficking survivors, divorce and the list goes on. We also have a for profit division which continues to benefit the horses which focuses on Equine Partnered Transformative Coaching, and helping people get on their path to their purpose.
We specialize in Human Empowerment, Life Transitions, Reinvention of Self,
Corporate Team Building, Leadership Discovery for both Adults, Youth and Corporations.

Our vision is expansive, and we have only begun.
We are grateful to do what we do, and it is only possible due to the amazing support of our incredible online family. Thank you for sharing the journey.